Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Brake Repair in Lakewood, Colorado

It can be hard to find a shop you really feel comfortable trusting with your brakes. They are so integral to your safety while driving that you don’t want to take any chances and risk poor quality work.  We offer professional, expert brake repair in Lakewood Colorado at our full service shop.   

Our company has made its name by providing exceptional care for European vehicles, specifically Mercedes Benz, but we also service all makes and models of domestic and foreign cars and trucks.  Our mechanic team is highly trained and uses the most effective and accurate equipment and parts, providing brake work that you can count on. 

Austria Motors has been serving Colorado car owners who want the very best in repair since 1974, and as a local family owned business, we are committed to giving our community the very best, and helping our neighbors to have well running cars with brakes that can be trusted is our goal, which we work very hard to meet. We can diagnose and repair all of your brake issues, whether the problem is pads, drums, discs or your brake lines, and get you stopping safely and reliably again.  Call or visit our website to make an appointment.


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