Thursday, November 1, 2012

Mercedes-Benz Auto Repair Experts Lakewood Colorado

Mercedes-Benz makes some of the world's most amazing cars, hands down, with an incredible standard of excellence, brilliant engineering, and pride in their creations, and it only makes sense to only trust your repair and maintenance needs for these fine vehicles to someone who truly appreciates and understands them.  

Our Mercedes-Benz auto repair experts in Lakewood Colorado are specialists, working with many high quality European imports but primarily focusing our attention on Mercedes vehicles.  This makes us the perfect choice to help you care for your car, with a wealth of knowledge about the specific details that set Mercedes-Benz apart from other car manufacturers.   Austria Motors has been providing top shelf repair and maintenance since 1974, keeping many beautiful imports in their best possible condition.  

Taking your Mercedes-Benz or other European import to a more generalized mechanics shop is running a major risk, because there are so many significant differences and a mechanic who is used to working primarily with American vehicles, or Japanese imports will not have the experience and knowledge to give your car the proper care when faced with those differences.  Call to make your appointment, or visit our site to find out more or contact us online. 


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