Friday, December 14, 2012

Factory Scheduled Vehicle Maintenance Lakewood Colorado

Far too many people wait until something goes wrong with their car or truck to take it in to a mechanic, but that basically guarantees that something will go wrong from lack of maintenance.  All auto manufacturers recommend a specific timeline for regular maintenance, and it is important to find a skilled technician to handle your factory scheduled vehicle maintenance in Lakewood Colorado.   

By bringing your vehicle in to us promptly at your manufacturer's recommended schedule, you protect your vehicle and lengthen its lifespan.  A scheduled maintenance routine at Austria Motors  includes an oil change, fluid checks, filter changes, replacement of plugs, and an overall tuning and check up of your vehicle, giving us a chance to catch any problems early before they can get any worse.  This is perhaps the single most important thing you can do to keep your vehicle in its optimum condition for the longest time possible. 

We specialize in European imports while also servicing all other domestic and foreign vehicles, and we thoroughly understand how to treat even rare models.  Call today to make your appointment for your factory scheduled maintenance, or visit our website to contact us online with our easy to use form.

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