Monday, January 7, 2013

Brake Rotor Repair Lakewood

Accurate stopping when you need it most is one of your vehicle's most vital safety features, and trouble with your brakes needs to be taken very seriously. Your brake rotors take a lot of friction and wear in stopping your vehicle, and you want to find someone you can count on for your brake rotor repair in Lakewood so that you can be sure it is done correctly and your vehicle will stop effectively when you need it.  

The rotors are attached to your wheel hubs, and they are stopped from spinning by being gripped by the calipers, which then stops the wheels as well. Over time, these brake rotors wear down from that friction, and in some cases they wear unevenly, or the brake pads can even cause damage to the rotors themselves.  When this wear is uneven or there is scoring from the pads, the rotor can be removed and repaired by resurfacing them, and when they have been worn out thoroughly, they need to be replaced. 

Austria Motors can repair or replace your rotors effectively so that you will have maximum control over your vehicle when stopping so that you can drive as safely as possible.  Call or click here to make an appointment. 


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